Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato
Custom VInyl Graphics

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, the ultimate supercar came to Reforma to receive customised graphics.

Stripe graphics going across the roof, bonnet and tailgate in Italian flag colours were applied to the vehicle, as well as on the sides. We also added “63” graphic on the bonnet and smaller ones on the sides.

Another exciting Lamborghini project we completed in the past is Lamborghini Huracan Car Wrap in Rushing Riptide Colourflow vinyl. If you think of changing the look of your Lamborghini look at our gallery for completed projects.

  • The Process

    Every car wrapping project begins with preparation.

    We give vehicle a good, generic clean before bringing it into the workshop. Once in the bay, our mechanic can remove the parts needed to apply vinyl around the edges. Because this project wasn’t a full car wrap we didn’t need to strip the vehicle down.

    Our fitters cleaned the individual panels with specialised cleaners. Double cleaning is necessary to ensure there is no residue or dirt left on the panels. Any contamination could show underneath the graphics. It means we would have to remove them and produce them again.

    After cleaning the vehicle, our fitters follow the visual and attach the graphics to where they should sit on the car. After measuring them and double checking all the placements are correct, they begin to apply them onto the car.

    Working with heat guns and squeegees they complete the process and trim off the overhanging vinyl. They post heat the vinyl to ensure no peeling and pass it for quality control to our workshop manager.

    Once he signs is off we contact the customer to arrange the collection of his vehicle.

  • The Results

    There aren’t many Lamborghinis on the road – there were only 2419 recorded Lamborghinis in the UK in 2022.

    Out of these rare supercars there will be only one like this. Not only this Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato is a beautiful supercar by itself but with customised graphics it is one of a kind absolute head turner.