Lamborghini Huracan
Gloss Black & White

The sharp and hexagonal-styled Huracan came to us in it’s factory Arancio Borealis Pearl; a sharp orange colour that hits hard with its vibrant hues. The owner of the car wanted to protect the original rare paintwork, and decided to give the car a white and black contrasting theme.

  • The Process

    Wrapping a vibrant colour with a more subtle colour is never easy; every millimeter of original bodywork needs to be covered as even the tiniest area of original orange left uncovered would be very obvious.

    To pull this off, the vehicle goes through a preparation process where the vehicles bumpers, wheels, door handles, lights and other trim is all removed prior to the wrap. This ensures the colour change wrap completely hides all traces of the original paintwork.

    We have a lot of experience wrapping the Huracan, and Lamborghinis’ in general, which allows us to effectively complete a wrap of this nature.

    The overall bodywork was wrapped in Gloss White; to contrast this the Roof, Front Splitter, Rear Diffuser, Wing Mirrors and rear badge were refinished in Gloss Black.

  • The Results

    When completed, the car looks completely different! The vibrant pearl orange is replaced with a White and Black combination which really work together well.

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