Lamborghini Aventador S
Rushing Riptide

This 2017 Lamborghini Aventador was brought to us with the plan of wrapping it in Avery Supreme ColorFlow “Rushing Riptide”. This unique colour flipping vinyl wrap material by Avery Supreme changes from Deep Purple, to Blues and Light Greens

  • The Process

    Our wrapping team has many years of experience wrapping Lamborghini’s, and we’ve customised many Aventadors in the past. First, Aventador was stripped down – bumper, lights, handles and any other trim was removed. This allowed us to wrap behind these areas, so when parts are re-fitted, the original Gloss Black bodywork is completely replaced with the new look.

    The complex front bumper is very carefully and intricately wrapped in the fresh film – the bodywork is a work of art on this car, so wrapping the difficult shapes can be tricky, but our team has the skills to pull it off!

  • The Results

    The result of the wrap is impressive – the Aventador’s wrapped bodywork really suits the Rushing Riptide colour. The bodywork shines and flips colour depending on the time of day, how bright the sun is, and where you’re looking at the car from!

    Do you need your Lamborghini Aventador wrapped? Get in touch with our team for pricing and wrap options – there’s hundreds of amazing colours and finishes to choose from!