Jaguar I-Pace
eTrophy Edition Car Wrap Satin Key West

We recently completed the stunning transformation of this Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy Edition Car Wrap.

The customer approached us asking to turn his black I-Pace into this beautiful version of the zero-emmision international motor racing car. Apart from receiving the full car wrap we also chrome deleted all silver parts. The final part was to add the graphics resembling the original model.

 Click here to read about the original 2018 model. Another unique version of printed wrap Jaguar I-Pace is available to see here.

  • The Process

    This project involved many steps to complete the full transformation.

    We artworked the graphics and did several tests to ensure they look exactly like on the original eTrophy model. Our production department cut the graphics and vinyl in Satin Key West vinyl so they were ready for fitting.

    After giving the I-Pace the thorough wash down it was brought to our workshop. Our mechanic started his work by stripping down the necessary vehicle parts. It’s to ensure vinyl goes over the edges and is securely post-heated to avoid peeling off.

    Our vinyl technicians cleaned individual panels with specialised cleaners before applying the vinyl. It’s important to double-clean the car to make sure all the debris and dust is gone.

    After wrapping all the panels our mechanic begins to reassemble the Jaguar. Once completed, he ensures all the functions work correctly and the car is safe to drive.

    At that point we apply the external cut graphics. That includes text and stripe going across the roof.

    The last step is for our workshop manager to quality check the work. Once the car passes the quality check we contact the customer to let him know it’s ready to collect.

  • The Results

    This version of Reforma Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy edition Car Wrap looks just like the original.

    The customer loved the final result and how stunning the car looked. This version of 2018 race car is guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention on the road.