Jaguar F-Type SVR
Black/ Blue Detailing

This 2018 Jaguar F-Type SVR was brought to us by Jaguar Landrover Leeds. With the plan of implemented gloss black detailing on the side skirts to emphasise the sharp side profile along with blue pinstriping on the rear diffuser. Utilising 3M’s 1080 Gloss Black and 1080 Gloss Intense Blue vinyl.

  • The Process

    Each vehicle begins with a full exterior clean down to ensure all grit and debris is removed from the body panels. Further to this, the vehicle is then cleaned thoroughly with various surface cleaners to ensure no dust sits beneath the vinyl. Cutting tape is placed carefully onto the side sill to ensure a clean cut through with our any damage to the body planal. The vinyl in then applied with our well-trained vehicle wrappers.

  • The Results

    The result is a Jaguar F-Type SVR with an enhanced aesthetic appeal. The gloss black side skirts give an appearance of a lower wide stance with the blue pinstripe detailing perfectly braking up the rear diffuser. Overall giving this vehicle a unique styling package.