Jaguar F-Pace
Matte Black Full Wrap

Jaguar F-Pace Matte Black Full Wrap is another Jaguar we can add to our collection.

It’s one of the more popular models in our gallery but the first time appearing in the classic, luxury matte black finish.

If you want to see the satin version of this model click here.

  • The Process

    We begin the process by giving the vehicle a full wash. Although some of the vehicles come straight from the showroom, we still carry out the same procedures. It’s important to complete all the preparation steps before we begin to wrap the car.

    We bring the Jaguar to our workshop and our technician strips down its parts. He usually removes lights, bumpers, grills, headliner and a spoiler. We do that to ensure our wrappers have access to all necessary parts of the vehicle.

    Once the vehicle parts are removed, we are ready to start applying vinyl. Our vinyl technicians work panel by panel ensuring there is no dirt or dust underneath the vinyl. We pay extra attention to cleanliness by giving the panels another clean with specialised 3M or Avery Supreme cleaning solutions.

    Once all the panels are wrapped, our mechanic reassembles the car. He then checks all the functions and ensures they work correctly.

    The last step is for our workshop manager to check the quality of the wrap. He examines all the panels and edges individually before signing it off as ready for customer to collect.


  • The Results

    Jaguar F-Pace Matte Black is a stylish, high-end wrap guaranteed to look luxurious on the road.

    The customer was extremely pleased with the final results. We also think the full black matte finish looks exceptionally good on this vehicle.