Harley Davidson
3M Matte Deep Black

This magnificent Harley Davidson was brought to us by an LW Graphics client who when visited the unit found that we wrapped cars along with commercial vans. He wanted his bike to look more understated and stealthy therefore opted to wrap the white areas in 3M 1080 Matt Deep Black.

  • The Process

    Bikes are not unusual here at Reforma, we have vast experience from racing bikes to motorcycles – view all of our case studies to see more. The process therefore begun by bringing the Harley Davidson into our workshop to be stripped down. This involved removing the seating covers and trims to allow our team to wrap all the areas necessary. Prior to wrapping bikes, we ensure we have given the surface a final clean down to ensure when the vinyl is applied, there are no discrepancies.

  • The Results

    The final result was a Harley Davidson with an unbelievable transformation. Completely changing the appearance in the matter of hours. The curves and accents of the bike were so much more emphasised but in keeping with the clients brief of having it understated.