Smart Car
3M Gloss Atomic Teal

What a transformation! The customer came to us with an inspiration image for his Smart car. We showed him the colours we though looked would suit, and we ended up choosing 3M Gloss Atomic Teal for this truly impressive finish.

  • The Process

    The process of every wrap begins by giving the vehicle a thorough clean. Removing any dirt or debris from the surface ensuring an uninterrupted surface for our wrapping team.

    The front grill was taken off to be painted a matching colour. The bumpers were removed to allow access to create a fully flush finish with the new colour. This is especially important when wrapping a white vehicle as it is very obvious if any white is left visible.

    The Production team cuts the vinyl in panels for the ease of our fitters, who then skilfully apply the vinyl to all the areas requested by the customer. For this vehicle we left the roof black as it was a sun roof, and left some other black features to tie it in. We will also apply black badges when the customer brings the vehicle back in.

  • The Results

    An amazing transformation. From white to this striking teal colour with a metallic finish.