Range Rover Sport
Avery Supreme Satin Metallic Dove Grey

Range Rover are now moving seamlessly into the hybrid world with the new Sport P400e. A great balance between efficiency, refinement and range. Our client purchased this vehicle in an all black package however wanted it to be similar to his previous Sport. Therefor after multiple discussions, we decided to opt for the Avery Supreme Satin Metallic Dove Grey. A great contrast to the gloss black.

  • The Process

    The Range Rover range have a very unique style of which you don’t need to wrap the top part of the vehicle. We would always suggest to go for just a bottom half wrap if you have the full black roof as it gives your vehicle a lower, more sporty appeal. With all vehicle wraps, the process begins with a thorough wash and clean down to ensure there is no dirt or debris on the surface. It is then bought into our workshop to be air dried and prepped. The preparation process includes stripping the parts needed to allow our vehicle wrapping team the ability and flexibility to apply the vinyl. Each panel is further cleaned with our special surface cleaners to remove any final bits of dust. Thereon after it is time to apply the vinyl. Our production team pre-cut the pieces based on a cut sheet to reduce waste. Therefore our vinyl wrappers have a set piece for each panel and are not cutting from the roll as they work on the vehicle. As each panel is applied, a quality check is conducted to ensure we are happy with the standard of work completed. Once all the vinyl has been applied, our technicians begin to reassemble the vehicle. Once completed the vehicle is washed down again and a controls check is conducted to ensure all functions are working as they should.

  • The Results

    The final results blew this clients mind. He was greatly impressed by the shades of colour the Dove Grey provided. He agreed in our recommendation and was very happy he came to us for the vehicle wrap.