Mercedes Benz G-Class
3M Matte Light Ivory

This striking brand new Mercedes Benz G Class came to us from one of our regular clients for the ultimate makeover! The colour of vinyl chosen for this vehicle wrap was 3M Gloss Light Ivory, however the preferred result was for the finish to be in matte rather than gloss which we were able to achieve by adding a Matte 3M Laminate over the top of the material.

  • The Process

    The vehicle was stripped down in order to wrap each section of the bodywork and the badges were taken off as the customer had chosen to add an additional detail to have these painted in Gloss Black. Once each section of the vehicle was wrapped and inspected to our quality standards we could then work on putting all the elements back toegther with the badges being the last to be added as the final touch.

  • The Results

    Even though the 3M Gloss Light Ivory may not be a popular choice for vehicle wrapping, we think the final result on this particular model looks fantastic! The Gloss Black badges really complete the look, and the vehicle will definitely make an impression out on the road.