Lamborghini Aventador S
3M Gloss Fierce Fuchsia

The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the fastest, most dramatic looking cars in the super sports car sector, and this particular vehicle came back to us at Reforma for a full vinyl de-wrap ready to be wrapped again for a brand new striking look to enhance the car’s unmistakable design.


  • The Process

    The colour chosen by the client was 3M Gloss Fierce Fuchsia which is a high-gloss film with sparkling flecks that give it its fierce, fiery appeal. To begin with, the vehicle is given a thorough clean down once the previous wrap had been removed, this is to ensure no old adhesive or dirt is remaining. Removal of the vehicle parts such as the wheels, trims, bumpers, lights and doors is then carried out next before each panel is wrapped individually and finally rebuilt back together. The vehicle is then given a thoroughly detailed check to ensure that the quality of work is seamless and to a high professional standard

  • The Results

    The final transformation which I’m sure you’ll agree, is a true masterpiece! The colour works perfectly against the legendary design and angles of the vehicle, reflecting it’s power and presence on the road.