Ford Transit
R-300 Conversion

Reforma have been known to experiment with new projects and this Ford Transit Custom Conversion is no different. Being the first of many we designed and converted, it has been a great success. Our team of project managers are always on the look for the next trend hence this was an internal project to highlight what we can achieve with the standard van.

  • The Process

    The process begun by looking at the demand in the market. Researching the trends of current and where we would see it leading to. Thereon after we sourced the parts we saw best fit the styling of the Transit. We wanted to achieve an OEM look but only an enhanced version. This is the same design language we use on our other conversions such as on the Ford Rangers. We incorporated a kit that consisted of a front lower splitter, new front grille, side sills, rear diffuser with integrated exhaust tips, split style rear spoiler and finally some 20inch Riviera Alloy Wheels. We then designed and applied our unique vehicle livery kit integrating the launch of the R-300 branding. Our vehicle enhancement package is then beautifully painted to match the colour of the Transit ensuring a seamless finish.

  • The Results

    Once all the components of our package came together, we were amazed by the results. The Transit looked so much more appealing, capable and stylish. Offering customers the ability to drive a van which not only suits its purpose of being versatile but at the same time being able to drive something that doesn’t look like an ordinary van. We found that the popularity of our kit grew therefore we begun to convert more vans with different styling options. If you are interested in converting your Transit or looking to purchase an already modified vehicle, please do feel free to get in touch.