Ford Ranger
Wraptor Project

We love to get our teeth stuck into a good project, so when it was time to trade in our beloved camper van we couldn’t wait to start planning our next car. After much deliberation the Gloss Black Ford Ranger was purchased, which looked it great when it arrived, however we had other plans in mind…

  • The Process

    The Ford Ranger came color coded as standard with gloss black accessories and a black leather interior edged with a vibrant orange. This gave the vehicle an aggressive feel that we wanted to continue throughout the project to emphasize the imposing stance of the pick up.

    Nick, our in-house designer got to work on creating visuals to help us decide on the best color and finish. Originally, we settled for Arlon’s Red Alluminium vinyl – a dark red with a matte finish and metallic sheen. Things changed when Avery Dennison launched their new range of color shifting vinyl, ColorFlow. This added another 6 color choices to the mix. It was a tough decision but we finally settled for “Urban Jungle”, a vinyl that appears mostly as green but shifts in sunlight to have a purple and gold hue. Check out the colorflow in action.

    With all vehicles that come through our workshop, we have a strict process to ensure all vehicles have that premium finish. The process begins outside with a thorough clean, to remove any dirt from the paintwork. Every vehicle wrapped by Reforma is fully stripped down before wrapping, all bumpers and lights were removed from the Ranger, along with any trim. To ensure the vinyl has a smooth surface to fit to, the bodywork is then thoroughly cleaned for a second time inside using specialist surface cleaner.

    Like most premium wrapping films, the environment must be kept at temperature and the vinyl must be applied using heat to help the material conform to the shape of each panel. The workshop team thought wrapping with the Supreme ColorFlow material was great, the premium wrapping film ensures a perfect finish and is brilliant to fit.

    We sourced a range of accessories to complete the project. To give the Ranger a more aggressive and imposing look, we fitted it with a Raptor-style front grille with LED daytime running lights, beefy wheel arch extensions with added steel rivets and a set of off-roading wheels and tyres, to give it that rugged look.

    To add a complimenting contrast to the body color, the front foglight surrounds, wheel arches, grille, side vents, roof bars and side bars were all refinished in Satin Black.

    The side and rear windows were tinted by Pentagon Yorkshire for that finishing touch.
    Of course we wanted to have our signature ‘R’ somewhere on the body work – so Nick, our in-house designer worked on a range of subtle designs for the rear sides of the pick up.

    We then protected the entire vehicle with Nanocoat, a new product which repels water and dirt from the bodywork, glass and wheels of the vehicle. This means when it gets dirty, a simple rinse will bring it back to being perfectly clean again!


  • The Results

    As it left our workshop, the bodywork started to come to life, revealing the other colors and shades hidden within. We couldn’t be happier with the finished result; the color really suits the type of vehicle it is, the chunky wheels, tyres and wheel arches give it a tough off-roader look. Look out for our next project coming very soon!