Ford Ranger
Raptor Conversion

Here at Reforma we like to showcase what we can achieve not only on our client’s vehicles but also our own. This house Ford Ranger WildTrack was brought in to undergo a major transformation with the aim of imitating the original Ford Raptor.

  • The Process

    The process begun by stripping down the vehicle which consisted of the front bumper, roller shutter with overhead, lights, handles, grilles and trims. We had then purchased a whole new front-end styling package which enhanced the overall appeal of the vehicle. With a combination of wrapping and painting, we were able to convert a standard Ford Ranger into the recognisable Raptor Edition. The finishing touches came in the form of some Reforma – Raptor style stripes which was completed on Avery Supreme Matt Metallic Grey. Large Black Rhino 20 Inch wheel lifted the car to match its aggressive stance.

  • The Results

    The final result is a Ford Ranger Raptor which has a stand-alone unique appeal. Reforma have vast experience in converting Ford Rangers in many different configurations, from rugged, sport and luxury models. To enquire on a conversion or to purchase this very model, get in touch today. Or alternatively, take a look at our online store to purchase specific elements of the design.