Ford Ranger Conversion
Reforma Conversion

Reforma are known for their premium vehicle customisation projects and this Ford Ranger is no exception. We have vast experience in converting these models therefore when this client had come to us for a new look, we were more than happy to assist. He didn’t want it to look too much but only ever so slightly enhanced therefore we recommended a new front grille, bonnet guard, wind deflectors, side graphics, front bull bar and finally some colour coded painted parts.

  • The Process

    Ford Ranger conversions always begin with an initial consultation. We will discuss in detail what type of look you are going for and settle on a parts list. The parts are then ordered in and within 7-14 working days, we will book your vehicle in for the enhancements to be installed. Upon the vehicles arrival, our project manager will once again run through the details to ensure the client is happy. We will then conduct a checkin form to highlight any defects on the vehicle prior to you leaving. Once signed, we begin to strip down the parts necessary of which in this case was the front bumper, handles, mirror caps and rear spoiler. Because these sections required painting which is a longer process, we actioned this first. Whilst in paint, we began to apply the side graphics and modifications such as the light guards, grille, lighting, bull bar and deflectors. Theron after the painted sections were ready therefor the re-assembly of the vehicle took place. Once completed, a final quality check is completed.

  • The Results

    The final results gave the vehicle a new and revised look. Bringing it forward into a more modern Ford style. The contrasting gloss black paint work on the base orange greatly enhanced the aggressiveness in its appearance. The inclusion of the bull bar and deflectors also gave the vehicle a rugged stance. The client was amazed by how such simple modifications could change his Ranger – and is now looking to see what else he can do!