Fiat 500e
Body Kit and Graphics

Fiat 500e Body Kit and Graphics fitted by Reforma is another example of customisation other than car wrapping we offer.

With Body Kits and Conversions becoming more and more popular we get to work on them more often. Here we managed to showcase this little Fiat 500e next to another conversion we completed in the past.

If you want to see more of the Blue Conversion Fiat 500e click here.

  • The Process

    The first step in installing the body kit is cleaning both the car’s body and the parts.

    Our mechanic then marks up the positions of body kit parts on the car to ensure they go in the right places. He also ensures the bond isn’t visible once the parts are fitted onto the car. There is no room for mistakes and miscalculations as we have only one chance to do it right.

    Once the parts’ placements are marked up, he applies primer and waits for it to cure. Primer application enhances the strength of adhesive. The last step is for him to apply the bond and mount the parts onto the vehicle. He finishes up by ensuring the grip is correct and making sure the parts are secured in place.

    When the bond is dry our mechanic puts waterproof sealant on all the edges for the extra protection.

    Fiat 500e Body Kit is now ready to inspect by our workshop manager.

  • The Results

    The finished result is a unique, little Fiat 500e bound to catch people’s attention on the road.

    Unique body colour matched with customised graphics and bold body kit is something that will definitely stand out against other cars.