Ferrari California
Bonnet Stripe

This stunning Ferrari California came to us finished in Gloss Black Nero; with optional Giallo Modena brake calipers. The owner of the car wanted to add a complimenting colour to the bodywork, in the way of a curved stripe fitted horizontally across the California’s curved bonnet.

  • The Process

    The bonnet and front wing sections on the California are curved and contoured in various ways, making it a tricky set of panels to wrap in a single piece of vinyl. To get the curved graphic perfect, we machine-cut the piece in various templates. We could then fit these to see if the shape worked or not.

    After a couple of tries, we managed to get the shape perfect for the car. The final piece of vinyl was then cut from the Gloss Yellow vinyl, selected to match the color of the brake calipers. This is then carefully fitted, in this case we use a solution on the paintwork that allows us to move the graphic into the perfect position before squeegeeing it down to bond to the paintwork.

  • The Results

    The finished stripe adds an interesting twist to the front and sides of the California, matching in with the brake calipers, center caps and badging. The final shape mirrors the classic Ferrari race car look, which also adorned a yellow horizontal stripe across the front end.