Ferrari 488 Challenge
Stripes/ Detailing

The stripped out, track focused Ferrari 488 Challenge. A mechanical marvel with performance levels topping most of its rivals. The owner of this stunning Ferrari approached Reforma UK as he wanted to have a variant of this 488 bespoke to himself consisting of decals, stripes and colour codes.

  • The Process

    The process begun by speaking to the client on what he wanted, provided with some examples online, we were able to modify this and create a design unique to this customer. Once finalised, our artwork and production team begun to generate the graphics whilst our vehicle wrapping team set to work on wrapping the roof, side sills, rear bumper and front splitters in satin black. These enhancements alone broke up the yellow in the perfect way, improving the aesthetics from all angles. Numbers, sponsors and stripes were then added completing this new, track ready appeal.

  • The Results

    The final result is a Ferrari 488 Challenge unique to this client. A personalised design which looks great! The choice of Satin Black worked perfectly against the bright gloss yellow paint tone allowing the curves and shapes of the car to be enhanced. Our client was blown away with the results of the work including the finer details.