Ferrari 458
Satin Black

This eye-catching Giallo Modena Ferrari 458 Spider came to us looking factory fresh, with the idea of giving it some improvements using Satin Black vinyl. Our wrapping team has worked on a lot of Ferrari 458’s over the years, but this one offered us a unique opportunity to get creative! The owner wanted to add some contrasting graphics to the mix, using 3M’s fantastic 1380 wrapping film, in a Satin Black finish.

  • The Process

    We gave the roof section a complete wrap, starting from the bottom of the A-pillar, up and over the folding roof and ending at the bottom of the B-pillar. We also wrapped the vinyl around inside to the rear window. The bonnet was wrapped entirely, as well as a section on the rear bumper, between the 2 rear vents. To accent the cars bodylines, the rear bumper was wrapped to extend the rear valance, giving it a sharp and aggressive look from behind. The side sill areas were wrapped, again following the body lines of the car, helping them stand out. To complete the look, the front splitter was wrapped, with the edges curving upwards to add a “dynamic” look to the front.

  • The Results

    The car after its transformation looks supremely aggressive and eye-catching in every way. The bold new Satin Black vinyl adds a sharp contrast to the glossy Giallo Modena paintwork, and allows the car to stand out and become something a bit more special.