Ferrari 458
Matte Black Roof Wrap

The owner of this Ferrari 458 wanted the roof to be black – but was unsure about what type of black they wanted – there are quite a few to choose from. We have fitted roof wraps to many Ferrari’s and in particular the 458, so we sent a range of images of different roof wrap finishes available, and how they looked.

  • The Process

    For the 458, trim has to be removed around the side windows, and the rear badge needs to be removed. The roof panel stretches down and around the rear mounted engine, and features a deep recess which all needs to be covered in a single piece of vinyl.

    This complex panel is cleaned thoroughly and prepared for wrapping using a specialist chemical which doesn’t damage paint, but removes all impurities. The panel is then wrapped in the Matte Black vinyl, this takes precision as the rear wings require a very steady hand to ensure it is as perfect as possible.

  • The Results

    The result makes a huge difference to the appearance of the car, matching the matte black side sills perfectly and giving the car a finished look.