Ferrari 458 Italia
Gloss Black

Looking through our other Case Studies, you’ll see that a popular modification to the Ferrari 458 Italia is to wrap the roof and side sills in a new colour and finish. We have previously wrapped these vehicles in both matte and textured finishes but in this example the customer opted for a Gloss Black finish to replace the existing matte roof seen below.

  • The Process

    Before the wrap can begin our fitters ensure that the roof is thoroughly cleaned with a specialist solution to remove all particles of dust or dirt. This enables a good bond between the vinyl and vehicle, giving a long lasting great finish. The rear Ferrari badge is removed to give our fitter an obstruction-free working area along with the sills around the side windows.

    As you can see from the images, the engine is rear-mounted in these vehicles meaning the roof section is elongated and features a deep recess which makes it challenging to apply a single piece of vinyl. Thankfully our fitters are well versed in these applications and can carefully apply and trim the vinyl to a precise finish.

  • The Results

    As you can see below, this simple modification makes a big impact to the overall look of the car while still looking very natural and organic. Can’t decide which roof is right for your 458 Italia? Come see our examples of the different colours and finishes available, or simply try them all until you find your perfect match!