Ferrari 430
Full Wrap with Martini Graphics

This Ferrari 430 came to us in Ferrari Red with some simple graphics on the sides. The idea was to give it a complete wrap in Gloss White, whilst also adding Martini style graphics all around. The car was due to take part in a European rally, so it needed to look great and eye-catching!

  • The Process

    As per all of our work, the car was first thoroughly cleaned. Then the car was brought into to a set bay where work could be completed. The car was first prepared for wrapping by removing the bumpers, lights, badges, handles and all trim. The Ferrari 430 was then wrapped methodically, panel-by-panel.

    Our team of vinyl wrappers work together to efficiently wrap each panel to the highest standards. Once the gloss white was complete, the custom designed and produced graphics are fitted. These were designed by our graphic designer Shabaz, printed in-house by production manager Dave and then fitted by the team.

  • The Results

    The finished car is very eye-catching, the vibrant Martini livery looking great in the sun and the gloss white looking brilliant on the F430 shape.