Ferrari 360
Interior and Exterior Wrap

This vehicle was brought to us needing some TLC, it had signs of age and wear around the bodywork and inside the interior. We were chosen to revitalise the car and replace and renew as much as possible, with the result being a great condition vehicle.

  • The Process

    The car already had some customisations, the roof had been wrapped with a carbon effect vinyl previously elsewhere. This was first removed which revealed some damage below. This was attended to, while at the same time the cars bumpers, lights, badges, handles and trim are all removed to allow each panel of the car to be wrapped completely. The interior was also partially removed, the seats were removed to have their leather cleaned and restored. The centre console, door cards, switches, surrounds and the speedometer surround were all removed and given a carbon hydro graphic treatment. New floor mats were sourced from Ferrari and installed, giving the interior a brand new look, replacing the existing worn mats. The bodywork needed some work before the wrapping could commence, to remove some imperfections and previous damage. Once this was finished, the very curved bodywork of the Ferrari 360 was wrapped in a Satin Pearl White vinyl. This is particularly difficult on the Ferrari 360 due to the size of some of the body panels – The front wings join in the centre, creating a very wide and curved panel, which was to be wrapped in a single piece of vinyl! The alloy wheels were removed and refurbished into a Gloss Black finish. New carbon center caps and badges were sourced from Ferrari to replace the existing faded items. New interior floor mats and clips were also sourced and fitted, replacing the worn items with fresh black mats which fit perfectly. We removed the leather interior which was then cleaned and treated by a leather specialist, bringing them back to new. The engine bay received a deep clean and the trim panels within were refreshed with a new black finish.¬†While the car has parts removed, every bolt and clip is stored in a separate tub – it’s just the way we like to keep things organized! Our team carefully re-fits the removed parts and interior, this takes several days and is quite satisfying, as you see the vehicles final look come together. The whole vehicle is then cleaned thoroughly using a specialist vinyl cleaning solution, and the car is brought outside for some photos.

  • The Results

    The result is a Ferrari that looks fresh and ready to hit the road in style.