Rolls Royce
Cosmic Blue

It’s been a while since we last wrapped a Rolls Royce, and this one was a great example to get back into it!
It came to us in a dark navy blue, and the owner of the Crewe-built vehicle wanted to give it a more personal and modern colour. We looked through our range of over 220 colours, and suggested some colour options based on the owners suggestions and tastes.

3M’s “Cosmic Blue” was chosen as the final color, a deep rich blue colour that we’ve wrapped a range of vehicles in before; it’s a recent addition to the 3M colour range.

  • The Process

    We’ve wrapped the entire Rolls Royce Range, and so have experience in this field; however it was a change to be wrapping one in a vibrant blue colour!

    The owner of the Phantom wanted the new colour to extend to the entire vehicle, so the doors are removed as part of the dismantling process, allowing the inside of the door shuts to be wrapped in a matching colour. This ensures that when getting into the vehicle, no original colour is visible.

    The bodywork is stripped, wrapped and re-fitted through the week, with the later stages being reheating (a process we use to ensure the vinyl is adhered well to the bodywork), trimming and cleaning the vinyl until the finish is complete.

  • The Results

    The finished Rolls Royce is impressive – the fresh modern colour combines with the classic, timeless look of the Phantom. When the reverse-hinged rear door is opened, the blue continues into the door shut areas, showing that this is indeed a full colour change. Our high standards of work really shine on this kind of vehicle, and we’re really happy with the look.