Mercedes Benz
3M Gloss Metallic Black

The Mercedes Benz 500 SEC. Built in 1990, this was one of the most luxurious German motor vehicles of its time. With a top speed of 143mph and a 0-60 time of 7.8 seconds, it wasn’t slow either! This German classic was brought to us to be restored back to its former glory with a full 3M 2080 Metallic Black Wrap. The owner had also planned some new wheels and a lowering kit to ensure it stands out on the road.

  • The Process

    With such an old vehicle, we couldn’t just lay the vinyl onto the paint work, it did require extensive preparation. With extensive rusting, dents & deep scratches, out workshop team were required to use body filler with a light sand to create a smooth, unturned surface. They say preparation is the key and indeed this was the case here. Once completed, our workshop manager overlooked the finish to have the final sign off. Our vehicle wrapping team then set to work in laying the vinyl panel by panel. The 3M 2080 colour was a great contrast with the chrome. Once complete, we conducted a full valet on the vehicle. This included an exterior polish and an interior deep clean.

  • The Results

    Bringing a classic back to the modern era. From what this vehicle looked like when it initially came to us, this was a complete transformation. An impressive delivery on quality and finish from our wrapping team as the classics tend to be slightly more challenging! Our client was very pleased with the results and went onto conducting the remaining modifications making sure this model was truly unique.