VW Transporter T5
Grey Chrome

This VW Transporter T5 had already been given a full camper conversion with pop-up roof, as well as a new set of alloy wheels, Satin Black side bars and Tinted Windows. The pièce de résistance however, was the full wrap that we gave it.

  • The Process

    Chrome wraps are difficult to do right, however we have a wealth of experience working with this specialist film. First, the vehicle is cleaned to perfection, any dirt or moisture needs to be removed from the bodywork before wrapping can take place.

    Once cleaning is complete, different sections of bodywork and trim are removed, allowing the team to wrap each panel separately. Panels like the front bumper are quite intricate, so special care is taken to areas like this.

    When panels are complete, they are refitted to the vehicle, and cleaned for the perfect mirror chrome look.

  • The Results

    The unique “Black Chrome” vinyl looks fantastic on the vehicle, offering a mirror finish with a slight tint.