Range Rover Evoque
Brushed Silver

If you’ve been paying close attention whilst reading through our previous Range Rover Case Studies, we’re sure by now you are well aware of the process we go through to transform this impressive beast. Therefore we won’t go through it again here. We will however let these images speak for themselves as to how dramatically a wrap can enhance the style and prestige of your vehicle.

  • The Process

    This customer had all but decided on a Matte Silver wrap but then when the textured brushed finish caught their eye they fell in love with it. We don’t often see Range Rover drivers opt for a brushed finish, but it’s a real wonder why when seeing the stunning results here!

    To complete the new look, we recommended wrapping the front and rear sections in Gloss Black to match the roof and wheels in addition to some new front and rear Gloss Black badges.

  • The Results

    I think you’ll agree, this finishing touch really contrasts well against the silver giving a bold and elegant appearance.