The all new BMW X5, the latest in the line of the 2020 luxury SUV vehicles. Brought to us by a friend of a commercial client, looking to have the distinctive front grille wrapped in gloss black and the rear badges removed completely giving the X5 a whole new look.

  • The Process

    What looks to be a small and simple part of the vehicle intact takes a lot of preparation. Unlike other companies, when we conduct vehicle de-chromes, we fully strip down the car to ensure we are covering all the chrome. Yes this does take longer however we can then ensure the workmanship is up to our standards. In the case of this BMW X5, the front end was stripped down and also the grill into all its components to allow our vehicle wrapping team the ability to wrap around all the edges. Once complete, each part is checked and reassembled with a final front end polish.

  • The Results

    The results of any de-chrome is impressive but especially on this model. Since the new facelift, the X5 grille has become larger and more prominent. Therefore when this is left in chrome, it can be very strong. With the full gloss black de-chrome, this luxury SUV now looks understated and a lot sportier.