Gold Chrome

Our friends at JCT600 BMW Sticker Lane – Bradford needed one of their fantastic new 2017 BMW M4’s customising to suit their exclusive “Golden Ticket” event on the weekend of 24th/25th June. We took on the challenge, offering a premium Gold Chrome wrapping film by Avery Dennison.

  • The Process

    Gold Chrome is a tricky material to wrap with – and takes extra care and attention to get the great looks and finishes we’re known for. Our resident vinyl guru Ben took on the wrapping side of the project, with the rest of the team helping prepare the vehicle and provide the final touches.

    As per all of our projects, the vehicle was partially stripped of its bodywork to allow us to thoroughly wrap it, ensuring no join lines are required. The BMW M4 bodywork contains a lot of sharp angles and unique shapes; making the wrapping process a bit harder, but very satisfying when completed.

    All of the exterior bodywork was wrapped, excluding the roof – this M4 is equipped with a carbon roof, and we wanted to retain the visibility of the carbon weave. The rear diffuser was also left unwrapped, to help break up the bodywork and add a nice touch to the rear end of the car.

  • The Results

    We’re really happy with the results of this project, it worked fantastically for JCT600 BMW’s Golden Ticket Event, and provides a stunning, eye-catching vehicle for them to promote with. The various Gloss Black details around the vehicle help add a contrasting but complementing finish.