BMW i8
Matte Black Wrap

Launched in 2014, the BMW i8 is the ultimate modern sports car, featuring electric motors combined with a 1.5L petrol engine. The futuristic styling present some very unique aerodynamic shapes and features.

  • The Process

    Before arrival, the customer was shown a range of designs we could produce for the vehicle, using different combinations of Matte Black, Gloss Black and Matte white. Once chosen the brand new car was brought to us and cleaned outside upon arrival, to remove any dust, dirt and contaminants.

    The wrapping the began, a careful and skilled hand is required to wrap such a complex body shape. The i8 features a rear air tunnel, where the bodywork is shaped to allow air through above the rear wheel. This meant wrapping it would be in a tight confined space. Our skilled team are excellent at dealing with challenges like these, and the complex shapes were wrapped perfectly.

    At the same time, Matt at Pentagon Yorkshire fitted the vehicle with window tints, the alloy wheels were removed and powder-coated in Gloss Black and the badges and center caps were also wrapped in black, giving the car a stealthy appearance.

  • The Results

    The result is an already rare and unique car which has become a one off, personalised vehicle. We work together with you to create the ultimate look to suit your tastes – and this car is an immaculate example of the finishes that can be achieved by us.