BMW 7 Series
Avery Dennison Diamond White

Brought over to us by a southern based client, impressed with our reviews & previous commissions was a gentlemen with a BMW 7 Series. The vehicle was originally dark grey in a very tired state. The client was looking to revamp the look of his vehicle with an Avery Dennison Diamond White Wrap, a full interior & exterior detail, window tints and finally some aftermarket AEZ wheels.

  • The Process

    The process begun by thoroughly washing the vehicle. Having been sat for a while, a lot of dirt had built up onto the surface. Once cleaned, the vehicle is stripped down, removing parts such as the bumpers, wheels, lights, trims and grilles. This allows our vehicle wrapping team the space to apply the wrap around all corners. Whilst our wrappers applied the diamond white vinyl, our window tinter begun to apply the smoke to the rear windows. Slowly transforming the look of the vehicle. Once the wrap had been appleid, a quality check is conducted to ensure our workshop manager is happy with the quality of workmanship. Once reassembled with the new AEZ Alloys, our detailer began to clean down the vehicle making it feel like a showroom fresh BMW 7 Series.

  • The Results

    The final results were incredible, a complete transformation thanks to our whole team of wrappers, tinters and detailers. The client was incredibly impressed with the results, barely recognising it was the same vehicle we had picked up!