Bentley Continental
Carbon & Dechroming

The owner of this Bentley Continental wanted some custom carbon trim to complement the already high specification of the car. It was decided to de-chrome the window surrounds to match the gloss black lower trim also fitted to the car.

  • The Process

    The carbon effect is added to parts using a hydrodipping process, which adds a high quality permanent finish to the parts. The parts have to be carefully removed to begin this process; which can be quite complicated on vehicles of this nature – however our team has worked on many Bentley’s of various types. Once the parts are removed and stripped down to their base parts, they can then be taken through the hydro graphics process. This gives the parts a pattern that contours around all of the surfaces; this is then painted with a layer of clear lacquer which protects the finish. The chrome trim around the side windows did not match the other Gloss Black trim on the vehicle, so this was wrapped with a Gloss Black vinyl; which matches the original trim perfectly.

  • The Results

    The finished pop-up spoiler is a subtle but effective touch, blending in when down, but showing off the carbon pattern once automatically raised by the car. The complex shape of the mirrors and stalks contrast nicely with the bodywork of the car. The dechroming of the trim gives the Bentley a consistent look.