Bentley Bentayga
Dechrome Gloss Black

A popular customisation for the Bentley Bentayga is a dechrome treatment – this involves removing all of the original chrome trim from the bodywork, and wrapping it in Gloss Black.

  • The Process

    This tones down the outside look of the car, deleting the shiny bits and replacing them with a nice fresh Gloss Black finish. Then the parts are re-fitted, and cleaned up. The parts covered involve the front grille surround, headlight surrounds, wing trim, side strips, door handles and more.

  • The Results

    The result, as always, is great. It’s a matter of taste – but we love the results of a de-chrome. Bentley’s are known for their vast amounts of chrome trim, and replacing it with Gloss Black gives it a unique and fresh look.