Bentley Bentayga
De-Chrome & Carbon Fibre Bodykit

This lovely Bentley Bentayga came in for a full de-chrome procedure and a carbon fibre bodykit install

  • The Process

    To begin the de-chrome process our expert technicians firstly prepped the vehicle by stripping down the main components required to properly de-chrome the vehicle as well as any additional trims.

    The de-chrome vinyl had already been cut to size and was individually applied onto clean panels ensuring there was no visible dirt or dust which could show up underneath. de-chroming vehicles of this calibre takes some extra care and attention. Once each panel was wrapped the vehicle was then fitted back together and quality checked to ensure every detail meets with or quality standards to give first class customer satisfaction.


    The vehicle was prepper, taped up and measured to properly fit the carbon fibre body kit. Our technicians apply a permeant, flexible and highly durable bonding agent to the body panels and adhere the body kit with exacting precision.

  • The Results

    The results speak for themselves! This Bentley Bentayga is set apart from every other one on the road looking sleek in any situation!