Bentley Bentayga
Body Kit and De-Chrome

Bentley Bentayga Body Kit in Black Gloss Carbon Fibre and De-Chrome in Satin Black completed by Reforma.

We carefully fitted the Body Kit and used Avery Supreme vinyl in Satin Black for De-Chrome. We covered front lights’ surrounds, window surrounds and door bottoms. Front Grille, Badges, Exhaust Tips and and Rear Diffuser were all painted in gloss black.

Read more about the process below. Here you can see the example of Bentley Bentayga in Gloss Black De-Chrome.


  • The Process

    Before installing any body kit, we first make sure to the lines and contours follow on. We mark up the positions of all the body parts including all the final edges as well. We do that to ensure the bonds aren’t visible once the body parts are installed. When there are any modifications needed, this is the time to make them.

    Preparing the surfaces is our next step. We clean both the car and body parts with specialised wipes and cleaners to ensure all the contamination and debris is gone. That part is important to ensure the maximum adhesion of the bond.

    Next step is to apply the primer to surfaces and wait for it to cure. It’s an extra step designed to ensure the Bentley Bentayga Body Kit parts adhere strongly to the car. The last part is applying the bond and mounting the parts onto the vehicle. We finish up by ensuring the grip is correct and make sure to secure the parts in place.

    Once dried, we seal the edges with waterproof sealant for the extra protection.



  • The Results

    The fully Customised in Black Bentley Bentayga is a sight to behold.

    Small modifications can completely change the overall feel and look of the car, and this is the perfect example of it.