Honda Elysion
Avery Sea Breeze Blue

This Honda Elysion came to Reforma to have its bottom half wrapped in Avery Sea Breeze Blue vinyl.

The client was looking to customise his unique Japanese import by wrapping its bottom half. It’s especially popular customisation option for vans however it worked very well in this case as well thanks to the shape of the car.

We invited him for a consultation to help him choose the right colour. Many clients don’t realise the vast options offered by vinyl wrapping so if you’d like to know more, you can read about it here.

  • The Process

    The process of every wrap begins by giving the vehicle a thorough clean.

    Removing any dirt or debris from the surface ensuring an uninterrupted surface for our wrapping team.

    The vehicle is then brought into our workshop to be stripped down. Each panel is then further prepped with our Avery surface cleaner to remove any remaining dust.

    Production team cuts the vinyl in advance so it’s ready for our fitting team.

    Once each part of the vehicle is wrapped, our work shop manager conducts a full quality check to make sure he is happy with the standard of work.

    Once the green light is given, our technician rebuilds the vehicle with a final check of all the functions. the vehicle is then given a detailed clean whilst checking over the panel again. If any issues are spotted, the panel is removed and re-wrapped.

  • The Results

    The client was extremely happy with the result and the quality of work carried out. The bottom wrapped in Avery Sea Breeze Blue gave this Honda Elysion a Brand New look.

    The choice of colour truly complimented the vehicle’s character.