Audi RS3
Inozetek Midnight Purple

The Audi RS3 Saloon, one of the most popular vehicles on the road thanks to its outlandish performance and practicality. Brought to us by a returning client looking to be one of the first to the market with our new Inozetek Midnight Purple. A colour which has captured the wrapping industry due to its acclaimed paint like finish and high gloss reflections.

  • The Process

    In order to conduct a full vehicle wrap, the RS3 saloon needed to be stripped down of all its parts. Removing bumpers, lights, badging, trims and wing mirrors – allowing our vehicle wrapping team the ability to apply this new vinyl around the edges of every panel. With every new material, it is trial and error therefore an experienced fitting team is essential. Our vehicle wrappers have the ability to quickly gauge how it should be fitted and what to avoid. With so many manufacturers of vinyl out there, each one has a slightly different application technique to promise a quality result. We also revised the aluminium detailing around the vehicle to ensure the whole vehicle looked as good as new when completed.

  • The Results

    The final results were very impressive, we ourselves as first time users of the product were surprised at the depth and tone of the purple. The vinyl almost looks black in most lighting conditions but soon as it is exposed to a strong light, the purple seemed to burst. Given that this vinyl has a much more glossy finish, the orange peel affect often seen on vinyl was also reduced.