Audi Q8
3M 2080 Gloss Black

Often with new vehicle orders, the right colour can be hard to get a hold of. Either the lead time is way over your requirement or the cost is unjustifiable. This is where some of our clients prefer to go ahead on the best deal and simply wrap the vehicle from new. This not only is cheaper and quicker but also protects your paintwork reducing the potential return bill you may receive when leasing a car. This brand new Audi Q8 arrived to us to have a full wrap vehicle wrap in 3M 2080 gloss black from its original gloss white. He also requested a full vehicle de-chrome removing any chrome around the car.

  • The Process

    With such a transformation and contrast in colour change, we had to spend a lot more time on stripping down the vehicle to allow our vehicle wrapping team the ability to apply the vinyl around all edges. Almost all exterior parts were removed leaving just the frame of the car. Once past this step, each panel is clay barred removing any contaminant and then further prepped with our surface cleaner. During this process, our production team cut down the vinyl based on a pre-made cut sheet which maximises the coverage per meter bringing down the over all price for our customers. Once all the panels are prepped and the vinyl is cut, the vinyl wrapping process begins. Our experienced vinyl application team begin to apply the vinyl slowly transforming the vehicles appearance. Upon completion of each panel, we run a full quality check and if a panel needs to be re-done, we will do it instantly. We pride ourselves on quality therefore have no hesitation in removing the vinyl and doing it again. Some parts of the car cannot be wrapped such as badging or grilles therefore we will send these to paint. If these parts are originally in chrome, note the painting process will not be reversible. Once we are happy with the quality, we will begin to re-assemble the vehicle. Once completed, systems control tests are conducted to ensure everything is working. Thereon after the vehicle is fully detailed ready for collection.

  • The Results

    As imagined the client was blown away with his new Audi Q8. Having ordered a white car as the delivery time was quicker, we managed to hand him his Audi Q7 in the colour he actually wanted. The gloss & satin black finishes were the perfect contrast on such a grand vehicle. The presence of this vehicle is already distinguishable due to the enormity of its size however now being wrapped in all black with a full gloss black de-chrome, it has to be one of the most unique Q7’s on the road to date.