Audi A1
Shadow Black

A brand new colour – 3M 1080 – Shadow Black to add to our specialist film range, it is a unique black and dark grey camouflage textured pattern vinyl film that offers a really unique look.

  • The Process

    This car came into us wrapped in 1080 Gloss Black Rose. It was important when removing the vinyl we cleaned and prepared the surface thoroughly for the new vinyl wrap, ensuring every panel was 100% clean with no residue left behind. Once cleaned, the vehicle was partially dismantled to allow us to wrap into all of the little nooks and crannies around the A1. The front and rear bumpers, handles and doors (when including colour coded door inserts) are all removed as part of this process. Panel-by-panel the car is carefully wrapped and rebuilt, until the entire car is neatly wrapped, trimmed and reheated. Following quality control checks, the car is cleaned down with a specialist vinyl cleaner to reveal the finished product.

  • The Results

    This young gent was thrilled with the unique finish on his A1. It looks fantastic, and really does this new vinyl justice – a perfect combination!