Land Rover Defender 110
3M Satin Gold Dust

Land Rover Defender 110 wrapped by Reforma in 3M Satin Gold Dust is a variation of the standard Satin Black Defender.

This shade is perfect for those who want to remain stylish yet look different than other defenders on the road. The gold dust effect adds beautiful reflections to the colour helping it stand out.

For those who are interested in similar colours, why not check out our Satin Dark Grey Defender?



  • The Process

    We make sure to conduct extensive preparation from the start. Washing and prepping the car is key to a quality finish. We always ensure there are no contaminants or dirt which may show through the vinyl.

    Our vinyl technicians follow a strict 3 stage cleaning progress. That ensures the vehicle is ready for us to apply vinyl.

    Once the car is in the workshop, our mechanic begins to strip the car down. He removes parts like bumpers and trims such as handles and window surrounds.

    Our production department pre-cuts vinyl into right sizes so it’s ready for application when vehicle arrives. Once the car is prepared, our technicians begin to apply vinyl working panel by panel. They work slowly to ensure perfect finish of this 3m Satin Gold Dust finish.

    Once the full vehicle is wrapped, our mechanic begins to build the car back. It is then fully checked to make sure all the functions work properly.

    The final step is for our workshop manager to conduct a thorough quality check. He makes sure the wrapped parts look immaculate and the vinyl doesn’t peel off. He then contacts the customer to let him now the car is ready for collection.


  • The Results