Range Rover Velar
Avery Supreme Satin Black

Brought to us by Farnell Land Rover Leeds, the all new Range Rover Velar. A primary colour of metallic black, the dealership wanted something more understated therefore opted for the Avery Supreme Satin Black.

  • The Process

    The process begins by stripping down the vehicle, removing parts such as the grille, bumpers, lights, Range Rover lettering which is templated prior to removal to ensure when placed back on, it is put in the correct place. Once all the parts have been removed, they are cleaned with our surface cleaners to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted surface. Our vehicle wrapping team then set to work in applying the vinyl. This colour is very popular amongst our clients with Range Rover’s due to the perfect contrasting gloss black colour codes. Once complete, the vehicle is then re-built and a quality check is conducted to ensure we are happy with the results of the work.

  • The Results

    The final result was great, a simple transformation from metallic black to satin. With factory gloss black detailing further enhanced by the satin finish.