Range Rover Sport
Avery Dennison Gloss Rock Grey

The Range Rover Sport, great looks, practicality, performance and appeal, all the car you ever need? Our client believes so too however he was missing one thing – a colour of his choice. One of our most popular colours amongst the Audi range is the Gloss Nardo Grey. Our client had spotted this and requested the same colour with an SVR inspired bonnet with Gloss Carbon running through the centre.

  • The Process

    Each vehicle wrap beings with a thorough wash. Removing any dirt or debris from the surface of the vehicle. The Range Rover is then brought into our purpose built facility to be stripped down of all its parts. Removing such items as the bumpers, grilles, lights, mirror caps and trims. Each panel is then further prepped with our surface cleaners. Our vehicle wrappers then work in teams of two to apply the vinyl to each panel. Ensuring each panel is tac wiped down prior to the vinyl touching the surface to ensure there is no remaining dust on the surface. To achieve the SVR style on the bonnet, we wrapped the full bonnet in the Gloss Rock Grey, carefully placed cut tape down each side of the bonnet in the shape desired, appleid the gloss carbon fibre on top and then pulled back the tape to reveal a seamless final finish. Once all other parts of the vehicle were complete, the Sport is reassembled with a final polish and quality check to ensure we are happy with the results of our work.

  • The Results

    The Reforma team witness many Range Rovers coming through our workshop but this wrap in particular got everyone very excited. We were vocal in sating this model is probably the best colour combination we have seen on a sport. With the gloss black detailing and carbon bonnet, the cars appearance looked perfectly balanced and sporty. The client was blown away with the results. He simply could not believe this was a vinyl and not a paint!