Range Rover Evoque
Gloss Metallic Pink

Brought to us by Farnell Land Rover Guiseley, the new Range Rover Evoque. Looking to add some character by applying an Avery Dennison Gloss Pink Wrap with contrasting gloss black colour codes. Something which is bound to stand apart on the forecourt.

  • The Process

    The process begins by giving the Evoque a wash, removing any contaminants which have built from it sitting outside. It is then brought in to be stripped down. Removing parts such as the bumpers, lights, grilles, trims and badging. Each panel is then further prepped with our specific cleaners to allow for easy application of our Avery Dennison Vinyl. Our experienced vehicle wrapping team have converted hundreds of Range Rover therefore have the knowledge and expertise on how to achieve the highest of results. The team begin to apply the vinyl to each panel slowly transforming the look of this Evoque. Once complete, it is re-assembled and quality checked to ensure we are happy with the standard of work / all the vehicle functions are working as they should.

  • The Results

    The final result is a vehicle that stands out! Range Rover’s are big cars therefore this is a big statement. A classy one at that too. This pink was a great choice, a rich deep colour working well with the shape of the new Evoque. The dealership was extremely pleased with the colour and quality of workmanship.