Range Rover Evoque
Gloss Metallic Pink

The customer approached us wanting a feminine, bold shade to make a statement on the road so we were happy to together choose this vibrant shade.
We offer over 300 different colours to choose from including carbon fiber and textured materials in matte, gloss or satin finish.
This eye-catching customization option is perfect for those who seek to express their personal style and make a lasting impression on the road.
If you’re looking for more unique colours, why not check out our Atomic Teal Wrap or Chrome Rose Gold Finish?

  • The Process

    The process begins like every other full vehicle wrap, bringing in the car for a thorough wash down to remove contaminants/ dirt form the surface.
    The Evoque is then stripped down removing such parts as the lettering, grille, lights, bumpers and trims. This allows our vehicle wrapping team the space to wrap around the edges of the panels. Reducing any chance of lift in the future around the corners.
    Each panel is then applied working around the vehicle to the finer pieces of trims such as the handles.
    Once complete, our workshop manager will walk around the vehicle to conduct a quality check to ensure he is happy with the standard of work completed. The vehicle is then reassembled with a final functions test at the end.

  • The Results

    The final result is a vehicle that stands out! Range Rover’s are big cars therefore this is a big statement. A classy one at that too. This pink was a great choice, a rich deep colour working well with the shape of the new Evoque. The dealership was extremely pleased with the colour and quality of workmanship.