Audi R8
Matte Dark Grey

This Ibis white 2016 Audi R8 came to us new, with the intention of preserving the original paintwork whilst also giving the car an aggressive look.

  • The Process

    The new Audi R8 has been redesigned, based on the existing shape; This meant it would be carefully stripped-down, removing the bumpers, trim, badges, door handles and anything that would fit to the bodywork, allowing us to wrap each piece separately – This gives the best possible finish when complete.

    The Matte finish of this 3M Matte Dark Grey material accentuates the creases and curves that form the bodywork of the German supercar.

  • The Results

    This R8 looks impressive in its new Matte finish, with a nice contrast with the Matte Black badging and Gloss Black alloy wheels.