Rushing Riptide wrapped Flip Colour GTR

Nissan GTR Wrap Rushing Riptide Front Side

This impressive kitted Nissan GT-R was brought to us by a good friend of ours to be wrapped in Avery’s new colour flip wrap, Rushing Riptide.

Amazing Rushing Riptide Flip

We’ve wrapped a whole host of Nissan GT-R’s over the years, however this one became the first colour flip GT-R to be customised by us. As always, the GTR was first stripped down – bumper, lights, handles and any other trim was removed. This allowed us to wrap behind these areas, so when parts are re-fitted, the original bodywork is completely replaced with the new Rushing Riptide finish.

The complex front and rear bumpers are very intricately wrapped in the fresh film. Some areas like the bonnet vents and wing mirrors are also pre-removed and wrapped separately, as they are quite difficult shapes to wrap and take time to get perfect.


We’re so happy with the finished wrap – it looks amazing outside in the sunshine, each body panel and trim piece comes alive with the Rushing Riptide wrap, that changes as you move around the car (or the car moves around you!)

The center trim area of the front bumper was kept in its original black colour, giving the front-end a more aggressive two-tone look.

Do you need your Nissan GT-R wrapped? Get in touch with our team for pricing and wrap options – there’s hundreds of amazing colours and finishes to choose from!