Porsche Cayenne Wrapped in Matte Black

  • Before-Porsche Cayenne Matte Black
    After-Porsche Cayenne Matte Black
    Before Porsche Cayenne Matte Black After

Matte Black Cayenne

We were brought this Porsche Cayenne in its standard Gloss Black colour, and the owner wanted to give it a new lease of life with a Matte Black wrap.

The Customisation

Before the vehicle was wrapped, it needed to be as clean as possible. For this, we used specialist valeting equipment to give the vehicle a spotless finish. It is important we do this as it ensures the wrap is durable and faultless when complete.

The vehicle was stripped down as per our typical methods of wrapping. All trim, badges, bumpers and handles are removed, making the wrapping process quicker and more effective.

Each panel was wrapped in the specialist quality Matte Black material by our team, protecting the original Gloss Black paint whilst giving the car a new look.

The Result

The Cayenne suits the new colour and finish very well, emphasizing the bulging aggressive arches and body shape of the vehicle.