Mercedes CL63 in Avery Supreme Matte Grey

Mercedes CL63 AMG Wrapped Matte Grey Front

The Mercedes CL63 is a luxury grand tourer, known for imposing looks and a premium interior space. A popular colour option for the CL63’s smaller brother, is Avery Supreme Matte Grey – a deep textured Matte finish with some metallic flakes within the vinyl.

The Wrap

The CL63 received a full exterior wrap in Avery Supreme Matte Grey, however further details were implemented to give the car its finishing touches.

These included giving all the badges a gloss black finish, the door handles are highlighted with Gloss Black, the Front Grille is wrapped in Gloss Black, tinted rear lights, and the brake calipers were refinished in Gloss Yellow, with Gloss Black AMG badging.


The result is a more aggressive, featuring a consistent Matte Grey and Gloss Black colour/finish combination all around the CL63. This makes the car stand out from the crowd and feel much more like the German Muscle Car it is!