Matte Black Audi Q3 Wrap

  • Before-Audi Q3 Wrapped
    After-Audi Q3 Wrapped
    Before Audi Q3 Wrapped After

Matte Black Audi Q3 Wrap

The driver this Audi Q3 bought their vehicle with the idea of changing the colour in mind; The choice being a crisp Matte Black finish.

The Wrap

To hide all of the original colour inside and out, it was decided that we’d wrap the inside of the door inserts as well as the full exterior of the vehicle.
This involves the doors being carefully removed, and then the sections you don’t normally see when the doors are closed, are wrapped.

While this is happening, the rest of the vehicle is also wrapped; to provide the nicest possible finish inside and out.

The Result

The result is a completely transformed car. The original paintwork is protected beneath the wrap, and the exterior now has a sharp and eye catching Matte Black finish.