Lime Green wrapped McLaren MP4 12C

  • Before-McLaren MP4 12C Wrapped
    After-McLaren MP4 12C Wrapped
    Before McLaren MP4 12C Wrapped After

Lime Green wrapped McLaren MP4 12C

The McLaren MP4 is a supercar produced between 2011 and 2014, featuring a high performance V8 Engine and Carbon Fibre tub chassis.

The owner of this vehicle wanted to give the car a new look and protect the bodywork with a colour change.

The Customisation

Avery Supreme Grass Green was chosen for the wrap, a vibrant and eye catching Lime Green material. The full vehicle was wrapped in this bright colour, which involved removal of the lights, bumpers, badges and other trim.

The wheels were also removed and freshly refurbished in Gloss Black to complement the body colour. We removed the calipers and had them painted to match the vinyl wrap – the very same Lime Green and it matches perfectly!

The Result

The finished McLaren really suits its new colour, giving it a sharp and vibrant look which is sure to be eye catching no matter where it goes!