Lamborghini Gallardo wrapped in Matte Black

  • Before-Lamborghini Gallardo Wrapped in Matte Black
    After-Lamborghini Gallardo Wrapped in Matte Black
    Before Lamborghini Gallardo Wrapped in Matte Black After

Matte Black Lamborghini Gallardo Wrapped

The Gallardo’s sharp lines and timeless looks make it one of the most iconic supercars in existence. The low-slung machine has a very angular front end with a rear-mounted 5.0L V10 engine.
This one came to us in Gloss Black, and left us in a very stealth-fighter esque Matte Black.

The Customisation

The vehicle was given a full body colour change, into one of our popular colours, Matte Black. All of the lights on the vehicle were given a light smoke tint, to help them blend into the bodywork and give the car a consistent stealthy look.

The Result

The complete wrapped car looks impressive, the stealthy finish choice suits the angular design of the Gallardo, emphasizing its creases and bodylines.